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Sep 22, 2016

Get is a pretty useful word. How useful, you might be surprised. Today Max and I talk about how you get more out of get.


*** Transcript*** 




Keiran: So today we got Malefic Max back on the podcast. How's it going Max?

Max: Hello. Very good. How are you?

Keiran: I'm all right, what's new with you today? 

Max: Today I'm looking at buying an oversized guitar, I'm really excited about that.

Keiran: An oversized guitar. Why are you interested in an oversized guitar?

Max: Well, the band, Tenacious D, Jack Black specifically states that he has an oversized guitar. And I would love to follow him because he's one of my favorite musicians.

Keiran: Okay. I've never seen an oversized guitar.

Max: It's a large body and when you put your arm on it, if you rest your arm on the body--

Keiran: Yeah.

Max: It will probably cut off the circulation in your hands so you got to lift your elbow a bit.

Keiran: Huh.

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: All right, that's interesting. All right. So today, Max is going to help us learn how to get more out of the word get. 

Max: Get it.

Keiran: Yeah, yeah, it's a little joke there I guess. All right. We're going to learn how to get more out of the word get. So of course, where get is a verb, meaning to get something like I'm going to go to the store and get something. But there's  a lot of other ways we can use it. And we're going to start off with the one that I have written down right here at the top, which is get over it.

Max, what does it mean to get, when someone says get over it?

Max: Get over it. When you say it to someone, you're telling them to let go of an issue that they're struggling with. Like if they're worried about something like a test and they're just keep talking about it and they can't seem to calm down, and you say, "Get over it. It's just a test." You're going to do your test tomorrow.

Keiran: Right. So they've got to stop focusing their negative or neurotic energy on something and to just move on with their life, right?

Max: Yeah, yeah. Stop being nervously focused on it. 

Keiran: All right. So I remember when I was younger, I always wanted to go-- Actually, my parents went to church. I had to go to church as my parents and I hated going to church because on Sunday mornings, Spiderman was on at the exact same time as church.

Max: Yeah, I hear that.

Keiran: And every Sunday morning I would have fought with my parents. My dad will go like, "Ken. You going to church and you're missing Spiderman. Get over it." I always lost that argument until I was 14.

Max: Yeah, that make sense.

Keiran: But he wanted me to just let go of it so we didn't have that fight every week, right?

Max: Oh my God.

Keiran: All right. Can you give us an example of get over it?

Max: Oh yeah, sure. I got a friend, she's waiting to do a job interview, actually, to go work up North and she's also planning a vacation at the same time, but she doesn't have the job yet. She can't stop freaking about it so I told her, "Get over it, just go on your vacation. If you get the job you can come back early, it's fine. Let it go."

Keiran: Right.

Max: Get over it.

Keiran: Get over it, there's nothing you can do about it. All right. Let's move to the next one, which is not very flexible in how we can use it. But it's still useful if you need to use it. Maybe if you're with an English person which is "Get off me."

Max: Get off me, yeah. For sure. Get off me, is--

Keiran: I wonder how do we use it. When would we use get off me?

Max: You would say that in-- I can think of two situations.

Keiran: Okay.

Max: So if someone's grabbing your arm somewhere and you don't want them touching you--

Keiran: Right.

Max: Or pulling you somewhere.

Keiran: Right.

Max: Say, "Get off me, I don't need you in my bubble, pulling me away like that."

Keiran: Right. Like sometimes you see like the possessive like boyfriend in the bar, like grabbing his girlfriend.

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: She's like, "Get off me."

Max: Yeah, and he's like pulling her around and stuff like that.

Keiran:  Yeah.

Max: Or like a parent grabbing their kid.

Keiran: Right. Exactly.

Max: And the kid's like, "Get off me."

Keiran: Get off me.

Max: Getting pulled around.

Keiran: Okay, that's probably not going to be useful for most of our listeners out there unless they're in a bar with a-- possessive boyfriend or girlfriend...

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: What's the other way you thought about "Get off me?" How can we use it?

Max: Maybe in during sex?

Keiran: During sex, right.

Max: If someone's on top of you and they're crushing your pelvis and you say, "Get off me."

Keiran: Get off me, this isn't feeling good.

Max: Cuting off circulation of my legs, get off me sugar.

Keiran: Yeah, right. Or if you're lying down like cuddling or something and someone rolls on to you in an uncomfortable position like, "Get off me, this hurts."

Max: Yeah. Or if you're spooning, watching a movie and you're not comfy--

Keiran: Get off[?] me[?].

Max: Or got to go pee.

Keiran: Get off me. It's not the nicest way to do it. Maybe it's like you ask someone and they're like, "Hehehe, no" Then I'm like, "No seriously. Get off me."

Max: Yeah, yeah.

Keiran: Get off me. All right. Next one. Get lost.

Max: Get lost, yeah. This is when you say to somebody when you want them to leave you alone.

Keiran: Right. So it's not you telling someone to go lose themselves.

Max: No. It's you telling someone to leave you alone, just let you be by yourself.

Keiran: Right. So, let's do some examples here. Let's say we're running a comedy show on Wednesday.

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: And we have the comics that we've booked on the show.

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: And maybe a comic who wants to jump on even though he's not on the show, which we sometimes do.

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: And we said, "No." And he goes over and he asks you, and you say, "No." And he comes over and he asked me, I'm like, "Dude, I already told you, no." And he goes and asks you and you're like---

Max: Get lost.

Keiran: Get lost, man.

Max: Get out of here.

Keiran: We told you four times. Get lost.

Max: Get lost. Leave us alone.

Keiran: All right, can you give me a little example there?

Max: We can use the bar again. 

Keiran: All right.

Max: Let's say...  

Keiran: The bar?

Max: A bar.

Keiran:  A bar?

Max: A bar. So you're a woman at a bar--

Keiran: Right. 

Max: And a guy comes talk to you and tell him you don't want to see him. He comes back bothering you again and say, "Get lost. I'm not interested in you. I won't talk to you."

Keiran: Yeah, if a guy like keeps hitting on you over and over and over again.

Max: Like too persevering. Like too annoying.

Keiran: Right. I mean, in that case, you always want to uses it in a polite way in the beginning but get lost is, again, it's a strong way, it's very clear that you don't want the attention.

Max: Yeah. Leave me alone. 

Keiran: Get lost.

Max: Get lost.

Keiran: All right. Next one. Get by. How to get by?

Max: Get by.

Keiran: What is to get by, it means?

Max: It can mean a couple of things. 

Keiran: Okay.

Max: Getting by, could be having enough money to pay for your bills.

Keiran: Right.

Max: And when you get by, it means going around somebody. Or if you ask someone, "Can I get by?" I want to walk around them, maybe on the sidewalk.

Keiran: Okay. Let's do the first one first.

Max: Sure.

Keiran: So you said, get by means to have enough money to pay your bills. 

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: So I guess we can say when you're younger, it's a lot harder to get by when you live on your own. Because you don't have as much money or income as much.

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: Unless you're born into a wealthy family and you don't have trouble getting by.

Max: Yeah. Then your challenge becomes social skills.

Keiran: No, usually rich kids have better social skills.

Max: Oh yeah?

Keiran: That sucks.

Max: I guess I just wanted to believe that.

Keiran: Well, I think it depends, man. Like I don't-- I can't say I know many people who have really terrible social skills. 

Max: I know one very rich girl and she has terrible social skills.

Keiran: Is she an only child?

Max: I think so.

Keiran: There you go. Yeah, maybe she's been spoiled all her life and she's not used to not getting her own way or something. 

Max: Yeah. She's super whiny, too.

Keiran: Okay.

Max: Well, I think that's just one person.

Keiran: Okay, can you make another example of get by, not having enough money or having a tight budget?

Max: So you're a-- like if I'm a family dad and I'm going to church. And the pastor asks me how things are at home.

Keiran: Yeah.

Max: So he asks me if everything's okay. I said, "Yeah. I got enough to get by, it's a tight budget. I have a lot of kids to get new clothes."

Keiran: Right. So it's tough to get by if you don't have a lot of money.

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: This is a depressing example.

Max: It is. It is.

Keiran: Let's move on to our last phrase over we're going to go over here today, which is get around.

Max: Get around.

Keiran: What does it mean to get around?

Max: Get around means be kind of a social butterfly. You kind of go around meeting a lot of people. 

Keiran: So, Sally really gets around the neighborhood.

Max: Yeah, a lot, I mean, that's implying Sallly's sleeping around.

Keiran: Oh. Okay. So get around can be-- can mean to be promiscuous.

Max: Yeah, yeah. Even if a guy I see, he gets around. And he can be saying that he's really promiscuous.

Keiran: Yes. We could say I'm worried about Gabriel]. He really gets around.

Max: Yeah.

Keiran: He might be burning the candle at both ends.

Max: Right, yeah. Well that's-- if that's the way he swings, that's fine. 

Keiran: Yeah.

Max: He's burning his candle.

Keiran: Because when he says he gets around means he has a lot of sex and maybe he's going to get in trouble with some kind of STD...

Max: STD. Sexually Transmitted Disease.

Keiran: All right. What is the other way, you said get around, what does it mean?

Max: Get around? Just go around. You go around, you get around, you meet a lot of people, you go a lot of places. Really active socially.

Keiran: Okay.

Max: Or you travel a lot. If I said Karim[?] gets around a lot, he was in Korea and he's visited Mongolia.

Keiran: Right. Okay. So get around is someone who travels a lot there. They're always going to new places, they really get around.

Max: Yeah. It could also be in the city. If you're all over the city, you're visiting the west side, the east side, downtown.

Keiran: Yeah, you get around, I got around a lot today.

Max: You did?

Keiran: All right, great. We're going to wrap it up really quickly. But I want to ask Max about one more, it's kind of an expression I guess. "To get over someone, you got to get under someone new." What does that one mean?

Max: That one means, when after your breakup, to get over the breakup, to move on, you have to go have sex with someone else. Get under with someone else.

Keiran: Yeah, get under someone's body.

Max: Yeah. I think that's bullshit, but--

Keiran: I don't think it's bullshit but I don't think it's very, a maybe, healthy way to get over a relationship.

Max: Yeah, I don't think it's healthy. I mean, it might work.

Keiran: It will work.

Max: But you're going to be all weird for awhile.

Keiran: Yeah, you will be weird for awhile, right. All right, so really quickly. Get over it means to stop focusing on something. Get off me means to physically don't touch me or get off of me during sex.

Max: Get off me literally. Yeah.

Keiran: Yeah. Get lost means?

Max: Go away and leave me alone.

Keiran: Right. Get by?

Max: Getting by? Get by's is having enough to pay your rent, pay your food.

Keiran: Yeah, having the money to live your life. And lastly, get around?

Max: It means sleeping around. Having sex with a lot of people or--

Keiran: Get...

Max: Traveling around the world a lot.

Keiran: Yeah, getting around town, getting around the world.