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Looking for a different angle on English language podcasts? Keiran the crazy Canadian goes where the other English podcasts don't... and more. Keiran and his native English guests discuss politically incorrect subjects as well as general English language, idioms, expressions, culture and more all while having natural unscripted conversations. This podcasts feature an educational exploration of language ranging from every day expressions, pop culture expressions, explicit language and anything in between. The podcast is geared towards adults students, professionals, university students as well as ESL teachers who want to step out of the "Safe Space" of the English language education community and have a little more fun. Join Keiran and his guests in their down to earth humorous conversations and learn to speak a more universal edgy form of English like a native! English ISN'T always PC!!!
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Jun 29, 2016

On the May 18th episode of UE 028 we challenged our listeners to participate in the Uncensored English community. This episode of Uncensored English features one of the winners, Yasuyo, who won a chance to have a live conversation with Keiran and another native English speaker. We'll be doing the challenge again soon so look out for it!




What's up everybody this is Keiran the crazy Canadian and welcome to another podcast of UNnnnnnnnncensored Englis, where we talk about whatever the hell we want to talk about. So good morning, good afternoon, good evening, goodnight to whoever you are wherever you are. And thank you for joining us. 

So today we have a very special podcast, we did a story telling challenge about a month ago and today we have one of the winners on here to helps us out with a podcast. Let's say hi to Yasuyo, Hi Yasuyo

E: Hello Yasuyo

Y: Hi Keiran and Edward

E: Hi

K: Alright, so Yasuyo I know you a little bit, but I've never met Edward before so why don't you guys get to know each other.

Y: Ya, ya, ya. Nice to meet you Edward I'm Yasuyo 

E: Ya nice to meet you to, hi Yasuyo. So good evening right?

Y: Ya so good good evening and good morning in Montreal.

E: Ya thank you, good evening in Tokyo. So uh Keiran told me uh are you living in Tokyo itself or near Tokyo?

Y: Oh yeah I'm living in the centre of Tokyo.

E: I've been to Japan three times but I've never had the chance to visit Tokyo.

Y: Oh ok, so why don't you come to Tokyo? 

E: I would love to go to Tokyo, unfortunately right now, it's very very far from Montreal. Right

Y: Oh yeah

E: When I lived in Korea it was easier to visit Japan, but I had friends living near Kyoto. So I chose to visit Kyoto one time and then with my wife we went to Okinawa one time. So always very far from Tokyo. 

Y: Yeah I see.

E: What is your favourite thing about living in Tokyo? 

Y: Ah yes, I love bicycle, cycling, umm.

E: So is Tokyo a very good city for riding your bike?

Y: Ah yes I think so because the driver is kind and kinder then the west side of Japan.

K: You're saying the drivers are kind? 

Y: The drivers are kind in Tokyo.

K: I would think that Tokyo would be dangerous to bicycle just because there's so many people but maybe I'm wrong.

Y: Ah yeah I think uh we should choose the road, or street, uh not so busy street. Uh I can ride comfortably.

E: Are there many bike paths in Tokyo, do they have many roads with just special places for bicyclists? Uh so now Tokyo (?) government tried to make many bicycle paths because we will have Tokyo olympic game in 2020.

K: Now it's time to buy a new house and when the olympics happen you can rent it to all the people and make some good money.

Y: Oh yeah


Y: Ya so I, there will be severe shortage of accommodations.

K: Yeah very severe.

Y: Yeah

E: Probably very expensive

Y: Yeah, really expensive.

E: If you can find accommodations too.  

K: So we had a special holiday on Friday Yasuyo it was, in Quebec we call it Saint Jean Baptiste day, and it's a celebration of

E: it's a combination, it's a celebration of the Summer solstice, the beginning of Summer, and it also became the national holiday for Quebec, which is not a nation, it's like Canada day is next weekend. In Quebec we celebrate Saint Jean Baptiste one week earlier kinda as our provincial holiday.

K: Yeah, it's a big French holiday. So were wondering Yasuyo, could you tell us something interesting about the part of Tokyo that you live in.

Y: Interesting part in Tokyo, oh so let me see soo ummmmmmm, so ummmm, do you know the Sky Train tower in Tokyo, it is the highest broadcasting tower in the world at this point. 

E: yeah

K: what's it called?

Y: Uh Tokyo sky train tower

K: Sky train tower ok

Y: so it's 634 meters.

E: Six hundred thirty four meters.

Y: yah, six hundred thirty four meters

K: 634 meters tall, and what to they do there? 

Y: it's a broadcasting tower and on the middle two observatory decks, so you can see Tokyo panorama view. 

E: Have you been up? 

Y: Yah, just once, but I went up in the night so I can see the many lights under my foot. It's very beautiful sight.

K: Do they charge you money to go up in the Sky tree Tower

E: Ah yes of course


K: Cause you can spy on the rest of Tokyo so you gotta pay for that. 

E: Do you know, actually these days I'm living in Toronto with my wife. And and Toronto has a tower called the CN tower. And I think I think the CN tower used to be the largest structure in the world or in north America. But it's quite similar it has two observation decks, if you want to pay fifty dollars you go to one observation deck, if you want to pay 80 dollars you go to the highest observation deck. But you can see, of course you can see everything in Toronto. And if the weather is good you can see Niagara falls. 

Y: whoa yes.

E: Which I think is about 100 kilometres or 150 kilometres away from Toronto.

K: Do you know how much the price was for the sky tree tower Yasuyo?

Y: ah I think to the upper decks it costs 45$

E: Ok. Maybe pretty similar to the CN tower.

Y: Just the first of the observatory decks it costs only 30 dollars. And you can pay additional charge so plus 15 $ so you can go up to the second the highest deck, deck.

K: So Tokyo is cheaper then the sky tree tower

E: Maybe, maybe it's cheaper

K: WOooooow

E: I, I'm not sure exactly what the price was for the CN tower, it was maybe four or five years ago last time I went there. But I remember one thing about the CN tower they had one section as a glass floor

Y: Ah yeah

E: Do they have the same thing ?

Y: Yes, same thing, yes, 

E: So, so many people take pictures when they're standing on the glass floor.

K: CN tower is more expensive and it's less tall and I imagine there's more sushi in the sky tree tower. 

E: Do they have a restaurant in the sky tree tower

Y: I heard there is a restaurant, uh on the obersvatory deck.

E: I'm sure that's very expensive.

Y: Yeah that's very expensive, I've never been to there.

E: I know if people want the complete experience in the CN tower you can even do, I think they call sky walking and you are attached to the outside of the tower, and you walk along the edge.

K: Sounds awful

E: And behind you is nothing but air, you're attached very securely but you feel you could fall 700 or 600 meters.

K: yeah but I wouldn't want to do that

K: alright ok, we're going to wrap up the podcast now. 

Y: Yeah

K: We want to thank Yasuyo for coming on and congratulations for winning.

E: Yeah congratulations Yasuyo, very nice to meet you.

Y: Yeah nice to meet you. 

K: Actually before we end Yasuyo you've been listening to our podcast for awhile now, how long have you been listening to it for?

Y: Ah yeah I've been listening to your podcast for two months.

K: Ok and what do you like about it?

Y: I think your podcast is good for intermediate level learners so it's not so, you speak not slowly, it's good for listening practice.

E: Yeah do you find it a little more challenging 

Y: yeah it's a little big challenging for me.

K: Alright ok great, well thank you Yasuyo again for coming on here. 

Y: Yes thank you.

K: and thank you Edward for coming on here again.

Y: Yes

E: My pleasure

Y: Nice to meet you.

E: yeah and hope you have a good night. 

Y: Yeah midnight

K: Yeah so today we had Yasuyo on, she was one of our winners and were probably going to have Greg on in about a week. And we had a discussion about just about ourselves and a little about Montreal, and Tokyo

E: And Toronto. 

K: And Toronto

E: Lots of towers in the world.

K: And remember if you want to see a tower its probably better to go to Tokyo because it's taller, its cheaper and I assume they have more sushi. 

E: Yeah you have to pay for the airplane ticket for Tokyo though, thats more expensive.

K: ok, alright guys so we'll catch you next time on the next podcast of UNNNNNNCENSORED ENGLISH!