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Jun 1, 2016

Ohhhh embarrasment, how entertaining are you. This time on Uncensored English Edward joins Keiran as they talk about the latest Canadian and Turkish embarassing government scandals. We learn a few new expressions and laugh at how embarrasing politicians can be.


--> Trudeau Video :

--> Turkish Video :

*** Transcript ***


What’s up everybody this is Keiran the crazy Canadian, and welcome to another podcast of unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnncensored English! Where we talk about whatever the hell

We want to talk about. So good morning, good afternoon, good evening, goodnight, to however you are wherever you are, and thank you for joining us.

K: So today I got Edward back on the podcast again, how’s it going man?

E: It’s going quite well thank you.

K: Good Good uh, and today were going to talk about um, we’re kinda going to do an off the cuff, nothing’s really planned here. We’re going to talk about um, we’re going to talk about the recent, I’m going to say this in quotes “Scandal” inside the Canadian government. A lot of my students have been talking about the Canadian prime minister they love him. I don’t know..

E: He’s very handsome apparently. Apparently he’s very handsome.

K: Which is very important for a leader to be handsome.  Right?

E: Apparently… yeah.

K: Anyways he got in trouble, I think  for the first time in his…  his.. what do we call it?

E: His tenure.

K: yeah his tenure.

E: Since becoming prime minister Justin Trudeau has liked to say “sunny ways, sunny ways” and this means like, happy times like, happy times all politicians love each other. And this if the first time his sunny ways have been questioned since he came into power.

K: And it’s really funny what happens, I’m going to put the link in the podcast description so you can just find it and click on it. But essentially there was some kind of parliament meeting or I don’t know what it was, was it a parliament meeting?

E: They were going to vote, in Canada they are trying to pass a bill for assisted dying. So this is a big bill for the Trudeau government and they are kind of on a tight timeline, they don’t have a lot of time to pass this bill. So they were getting ready to vote on this bill.

K: Ok,  And if you click the link or write it into your web browser. There’s a video of some government, I guess he’s a liberal official, he’s trying to get by a few people to vote and people from the opposing party are kind of blocking him. And then you see in the background Justin Trudeau walks over to help the guy get by and while doing so he either … I don’t know it’s hard to see from the video but it doesn’t look like he does anything but apparently  he elbowed one of the other parties female candidates in the boob.

E: Yeah, uh yup that’s about it. He kind of moves his elbow into her but yeah then she said afterwards she is elbowed in the chest. She made it sound like it was very viscious, but you can be the judge when you watch the video, but in Canada right now it is the biggest story on the news, and it’s pretty ridiculous.

K: It’s incredibly ridiculous. I don’t know this is not world news to me… this is world silliness. This is, I should say I like I like to make fun of politicians with my students sometimes, and I can’t say that I know them personally, or that they’re the same in every country in the world I don’t know. But people are paying tax dollars and these guys are elbowing each other in the boobs. .. or not elbowing, it’s all some kind of farce to create some kind of drama inside the parliament right.

E: There’s a lot of acting, and I’m sure in many countries politicians are like this but they pretend that small problems are big problems, they avoid telling the truth when it helps their party to support a lie.  So in this case, I think the opposition recognized they can make Justin Trudeau look bad, by really overreacting. So they are really really milking the situation. Which means they are really trying to make the most of the situation.

K: Yeah I think they milked it really well too, like they, when it happened in the video, you see all the, it’s funny how all the NDP candidates are on one side and the liberal are on the other side, I guess that’s just how the parliament is organized.

E: Yeah that’s where they sit, where they sit in their parties so, so really all the NDP the opposition party they sit in one section. They don’t have a lot of members or parliament in the government now, or in parliament now so. They’re only a small part of the the house.

K: But what you’ll see when this thing happens, is that they all seem to react immediately, almost too quickly like it was planned you know. Like I think if this actually happened people wouldn’t know really so quickly what happened, I would think there would be confusing, not outrage.

E: Right and again that’s the acting, If you just, if you don’t watch the video, and you just hear about the story on the radio. It’s sounds like Justin Trudeau ran across the room, and then viciously elbowed a woman.

K: laughter

E: and the walked away and apologized later. But if you watch the video. What he did was stupid like, just the way he acted he was impatient. He went across the room and he basically broke up the group of people that were slowing things down… and and just tried to rush things along. He got impatient and he was angry, and apparently he also used the f-word so I mean he didn’t behave the way we expect our prime minister to behave but he didn’t run over to the other side and start throwing his elbows around hoping he would hit someone in the chest.

K: No, at most it was like a nudge, an accidental nudge. I don’t know I think the person who is the leader of the country can drop the f-word if it is appropriate. To me it just seems like they’re purposely wasting time. That’s not professional in the first place, so to me how do you deal with non-professional people.

I don’t know, I mean I don’t know how to handle that situation, I mean the whole thing is just dumb.

E: I agree the whole thing is just dumb, and you know like, we are spending time talking about it now because it is a news item.  It’s a big news story in Canada. But a lot of people reporting on it, they recognize it shouldn’t really be a news story like, it shouldn’t be as big of a story as it is, but a funny thing is, you know, a funny thing about it is Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre Elliot Trudeau, he had problems because he used to swear in parliament as well so he got in trouble for it too so it’s like father like son.

K: Yeah, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree right?

E: Right so he’s taking after his father, he’s carrying on his father’s legacy of being unprofessional or a bit of a trouble maker in parliament. 

K: I dunno I think I’m down for a few F-bombs in parliament if there in the appropriate places. What was the other thing? There was another video online, I saw it about two weeks ago, it was in the Turkish, in Turky, there was a problem in the Turkish parliament. It was very different, it was basically an all out brawl, did you see that video?

E: I did not see that video… was it worse than the elbow to the chest?

K: No, it’s amazing, it’s amazing you got to watch it hold on. OK so we just watched the video, I’m going to put this link also in the podcast description. But Edward do you want to describe what the video was about?

E: Uh yeah so this is that’s the first time I’ve seen that video. But in the video everything erupts pretty quickly. The fight starts pretty quickly, and uh you just have like ministers of the government jumping over a table to join a brawl that is happening, and then more people joining in. And more people throwing punches left and right, and throwing water.

K: This is a real fight in the parliament building.

E: I feel ashamed as a Canadian too. But no to think of the scandal that we have going on now, it really it looks completely different from what we just watched in the Turkish parliament.

K: And basically they were trying to pass some kind of legislation that would make these people accountable for their actions. I guess they’re fighting each other because they don’t want to be accountable for their own actions.

E: Yeah well obviously I would need to hear more about what the situation was but it seems like they’re angry because they don’t want to be held accountable for criminal actions which sounds pretty ridiculous uh but they don’t want to get in trouble for doing bad things.

K: Yeah but that’s basically what politicians, ahh I mean this is a generalizations but are like dirty diapers, no politicians are like diapers they need to be changed often because their not the most honest of people, I mean I don’t know… why am I doing this ?

E: Laughter

K: A lot of them get caught red handed or get caught trying to manipulate the government you know… use their power in ways they shouldn’t be using it, right.

E: I wonder how many politicians are listening to your podcast?

K: Yeah, fess up guys! Come clean and tell us what you’re doing with our money.

E: Laughter

K: Alright guys so those links are in the podcast descriptions, so watch both videos.  Listen to the podcast again, let me know what you think about the situation. And before we wrap this up Edward we talked about two expression really quickly today they were, milking it meaning

E: to milk something, is to really get everything you can out of a situation. Let’s say I’m a little sick and I decide I can’t go to work tomorrow. Then I decide I can’t go to this birthday party I didn’t want to go to, and then I say I cant go to my wife’s familie’s lunch on Sunday. I’m really milking my, my cold, or my flu or whatever. I’m trying to get as much out of something.

K: You’re milking it. I used to milk it a lot when I was sick at school I just missed a day or two extra I’d say ahhh I don’t need to go to school I’m going to milk this a little longer. And then the other one we did was a popular Justin Trudeau expression which was, Sunny Ways, right.

E: Sunny ways, I believe it was a Canadian politician from many many years ago, Wilfred Laurier, who used this term, I’m not exactly sure it was Laurier. He said sunny ways, like uh greener pastures, or no clouds in the skies, you know you’ve got very positive energy and only good things to come.

K: Alright guys, so listen to the podcast a few times, let it sink in, repetition helps you retain the English that you’re hearing. If you liked it rate us, subscribed to the podcast on itunes. And we’ll catch you next time on the next episode of UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNCENSORED ENGLISH