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Looking for a different angle on English language podcasts? Keiran the crazy Canadian goes where the other English podcasts don't... and more. Keiran and his native English guests discuss politically incorrect subjects as well as general English language, idioms, expressions, culture and more all while having natural unscripted conversations. This podcasts feature an educational exploration of language ranging from every day expressions, pop culture expressions, explicit language and anything in between. The podcast is geared towards adults students, professionals, university students as well as ESL teachers who want to step out of the "Safe Space" of the English language education community and have a little more fun. Join Keiran and his guests in their down to earth humorous conversations and learn to speak a more universal edgy form of English like a native! English ISN'T always PC!!!
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Apr 22, 2017

Mistakes, blunders, goof ups, sometimes I think I'm the king of them. Today on the podcast I share something stupid I did with you this week. Also there's a little announcement at the end of the podcast. 



Apr 19, 2017

Alex joins me on the podcast today and we throw some fun questions back and forward. If you want to follow along on the transcript subscribe to the newsletter on the Uncensored English Facebook Page.

Apr 17, 2017

Today on the podcast we get to know Jonathan who was on last week. We talk about how he got into the teaching field, life in Korea and more. You can reach him at

Apr 15, 2017

Wow what's happening in the world, doesn't look good. I ramble a bit about that today, as well as douchey facebook ads. Not much on language learning today, but remember to subscribe for the free transcript and godamnit leave a friggin Itunes review if you find this podcast enjoyable and useful. 

Apr 12, 2017

Transgender bathroom issues, oh my, is this really an issue? Apparently in North America it is. We have a new guest on the podcast, Jon, and tackle this one together. 

Apr 10, 2017

Today on the podcast we have a new online tutor, Kayla,  come on and discuss some of her favourite methods to help her students improve their English. Sign up for the newsletter to get the transcript for the podcast.



Apr 8, 2017

On today's podcast I talk about my experiences in real life French speaking exercises this week, as well as how shit hit the fan for me this week. Lastly I've included some of the submissions for the Story Telling Challenge. 

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Apr 5, 2017

Mispronunciations can be embarrassing, enlightening and hilarious! Today David and I discuss some funny experiences we've had with students over the year. Sign up for the transcripts on the Uncensored English Facebook page.



Apr 3, 2017

Today on the podcast we discuss the difference between students who progress quickly and the ones who progress like snails. Transcript is on the way shortly.

Apr 1, 2017

Botched podcasts, a few of those we had this week, we talk about it, as well as back to the old corruption topic, I discuss the upcoming Summer, and we dabble in how you can get speaking practice all on your lonesome.